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My goal is that you never have to hire a dog trainer again. My instruction is not just a dog training class.

It’s an education.

I am available days, evenings and weekends. Your consultation/evaluation and instruction will be in your home and will take about 2 hours. I teach advanced methods and you will learn much more than you might expect. The fact is that most trainers are still giving weekly classes the same way they were done 50 years ago or are so blinded by the pure positive training methods espoused these days that they are severely handicapped in their effectiveness when working with rescued dogs. Pure positive training is great for dogs with no behavior issues. There is a reason you don’t see rescue dogs in obedience or conformation competitions. Weekly obedience classes for behavior issues is a myth in most cases. You are your dogs trainer. Believe me, once you know what you are doing you won’t need me anymore but I’m only an email, phone call or text away to give you unlimited support and coaching. Forever!!!

I personally adhere to a strict, no compromise, ‘working dog’ philosophy as I have always had working/herding breeds with ‘hard’, spirited personalities. Most of the dogs I see these days have much softer personalities. Pet dogs usually do not require such a tough philosophy but you have to start with a common sense approach and scale it for the individual dogs personality and or problems. Thankfully, truly ‘dominant’ dogs are rare these days but there are a lot of fearful dogs that display their fear as aggression. Most Kansas City dog trainers don’t know the difference or how to deal with dominant dogs at all. A very dangerous situation. Personally, I feel e collars are unnecessary when working with pet dogs.

Every situation requires a thorough evaluation. I’ve been doing evaluations for over 35 years now. I typically charge a flat fee of $400 depending on what issues you have or service you need. I run every client through Basic Training to bring them up to date with modern training philosophies and techniques. Then I customize each Rx or protocol to the individual needs of the client and the dog or puppy. Initial visit is a 2 hour evaluation in the clients home where I can ask questions, observe the dynamics of the relationships and recommend protocols to solve the problems you have. If it takes longer than 2 hours than it takes what it takes. I’m never in a hurry.

I often recommend the most up to date videos available on the subjects to illustrate and educate. Unlike other Kansas City dog trainers, I also provide unlimited coaching and support as well as phone consultations for my clients for the life of the dog. They know they can call me day or night ,24/7/365, with any problem. This process doesn’t happen over night. Remember, dogs learn through repetition. You can program your dog but it’s going to take time and dedication on your part. Building your relationship is important too. You must be fair! And I know your dog loves you. But he/she must also respect you.

When you have scheduled your appointment. I will send you an email with links to some short articles and videos with information that I want all my clients to learn before the appointment. These are your ‘Basic Training’ links. This information will give you insight into my methods and philosophy. This is an important part of my instruction and takes about 3 hours to complete. When you have studied this up to date info you will have more basic dog management and pack structure knowledge than 99% of pet dog trainers. There is a lot of bad information out there.

BTW I take this whole process very seriously and it is important that you have perused the study material so you will understand what I am teaching you. I would rather you call me, cancel and re-schedule than arrive to find you have not ‘taken time’ to learn the study material. This is why I book at least 3 days out to give you time to get through it. My goal is to give you a new and modern view of raising and training your dog or any future dog.

It is very important that everyone concerned read this info so you are all on the same page. When I see you we will review this information and customize it to your particular situation and lifestyle. At this time I will address all your concerns.

My one time fee is for one visit and includes unlimited coaching and support by phone and return visits so I can assure your success. Essentially, I will be available for coaching or consultations for the life of your dog at no extra charge. If you ever have a problem with your dog, I want you to call me any time, 24/7, so I can help.

I offer a comprehensive puppy program designed with the working dog in mind that will keep you busy and covers everything you need up to the age of one year and beyond. It will prepare you and your puppy for more advanced training if you have further ambitions for your dog and as a dog trainer. First you must have a great foundation and a well adjusted young dog. You can’t do that in classes or by sending your puppy or dog out for Board and Train. You teach this to your puppy and build your relationship at home on a daily basis as it grows up during the first year or so. Only you can enforce the rules at home.

An instructional DVD and training equipment may be included in my fee depending on your situation.

I do not offer group classes or board and train nor do I recommend either of them for obvious reasons. Most Kansas City dog training classes are ineffectual and or cause behavior problems later by forced socialization of puppies. Board and train must use force/compulsion to train your dog in such a short amount of time.  I believe in building in your dogs training and your relationship from the beginning and over time through consistency and repetition. You don’t need to learn that in weekly classes. There are better ways to learn now and better information. Working from a professionally produced dvd is much better than a class as you can just review it as often as necessary. You can’t do that in a class and classes are time consuming and an inconvenience anyway. Board and Train won’t even take the time to teach you comprehensive Pack Structure and Management. Or Inducement or Engagement if they even understand what it is.

A dog should only have one trainer in it’s life…you!  This is scientific fact. A comment I hear frequently is that my clients have a new sense of confidence after our session/consultation.

I do not train your dog for you but I will demonstrate what you need to do and I will always be available to coach you through the process. If you have a problem day or night , I am only a call or text away. You are paying for my knowledge, wisdom, experience and integrity. It’s up to you to follow through with what you learn. You must be self motivated and coach-able!  Remember, if you and your dog are not having fun and learning, you’re not with the right teacher/coach. Many of my clients have been with me for over 20 years and multiple dogs.


So, if you’re ready to join the inducement revolution and learn a modern view of corrections, call me.

One more thing, this dog training stuff is easy to learn and easy to implement. It’s supposed to be fun. Don’t get overwhelmed or intimidated about learning to do it yourself. You’ll do great and your relationship with your dog will be so much better when you understand each other. As I mentioned before, I find that people don’t need me much once they know what they are doing. I’m frequently told by my clients that they are glad to know I’m there for them if they ever need help or just want my opinion.

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Please give me a call if you have any questions. 913-490-8512

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Earl Newland  The Kansas City Dog Whisperer

I travel up to 100 miles or more and offer phone consultations

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