Training & Coaching- How It Works
It's 2024 and times, they are a changing.
I'm 70 years old and I'm retiring!

I'm leaving my website up as a relic of my career.
I will occasionally take on some local jobs but for the most part I am doing phone and text consultations now.
It seems that the digital age has created a niche' for phone/text consultations that I never would have anticipated even 10 years ago.
I will miss the in-home consultations of the past. Also my client contacts are coming from across the country and from around the world now.
The consultations I have been doing the last year have primarily been via text. They typically take about an hour and I'm still offering unlimited follow up to assure your success. I still want to help people solve their dog problems and this is a convenient way to do it.
So if this interests you, please call or text to get acquainted or if you just need some advise.
Thanks to all my past clients. I'm still here if you need me. Earl
My Phone number hasn't changed... 913-490-8512

My consultation cost is a flat rate of $200.  I teach 21st century methods and techniques. I offer in-person consultations. 913-490-8512

Read more about in home instruction below.

This is not a class. It's an education. My training philosophy and instruction is based on 'Inducement' also known as 'Reward Based'.
The focus of all my instruction is on Pack structure, Engagement, Management, and Marker Training for puppies and adults.
In addition to what I do, I can set you up with online courses in everything from training dogs to be around horses to hiking etiquette and much more.
All instruction is tailored to you and your dogs individual needs. Training plans are not standardized like in the old crank and yank days. It's fun and easy when you take some time to learn modern Marker Training methods.

Many if not most of my clients are unsure what it is their dog training needs are. They just know they have a problem and do not know what to do to fix it. This is where I come in. They want to do the training themselves but don't know where to find the proper information as there are so many resources out there with conflicting information. To put it bluntly...there is a lot of bad information out there.
I will diagnose your situation and direct you to what you need to learn from the most authoritative dog training instructors in the world.

All protocols are age and dog dependent and always tailored to the individual dog.

This also means that my fees are adjusted according to your requirements!
My fee for an initial consultation is $200. At this time I will begin developing a protocol for your training needs. Our fist topic is Marker Training and how it applies to virtually everything you want to teach your dog.
As we progress I will be sending you more recommendations and free training videos for you to accomplish your goals or if problems arise in training. 
I will coach you through the training process.
This coaching is ongoing. Not one and done.
Do you want to train a laid back happy go lucky dog or a high energy, high drive dog? The difference can be dramatic.
Any comprehensive proprietary full length streaming videos will need to be purchased online at your expense.
I do not make money from these but most videos I use are totally free!!

Learning to train your dog has evolved. Online or computer learning, video streaming, interactive instruction and one on one personal instruction is the future of dog training.

BTW If you want to teach your puppy courage confidence and skills so he can potentially protect you I can help you learn to do that.
Not the defensive old school way but the new modern way to do it yourself. Your dog just needs some basic drives to get started.
Ask me how.

My job is not only to educate you but to facilitate you in 21st century dog training or dealing with behavior issues while coaching you to success. A dog or puppy is not a machine that you can program and forget about. Dogs learn through repetition! It requires your ongoing consistency to shape or change behavior. Repetition means practice what you learn with your dog and DAILY until it is second nature. Your daily walks can become fun training sessions. If you have a high energy-high drive puppy, you have a lot of work on your hands. Most people are not prepared for that kind of dog. So care must be taken in selecting your new puppy so you know what type of personality you are getting. Your breeder should help with this. If you have kids, you will want the laziest puppy in the litter.

'ENGAGEMENT' means your dog is totally 100% focused on you and wants what you have. Engagement is not only a prerequisite to obedience training; it is the key to how you interact with your dog on a daily basis. We want our dogs engaged on walks, in our home, or anywhere we take the dog. Engagement should become a habit with the dog, even if it is only partially engaged so you can get the dogs attention and instantly get control of the dog.

Weekly obedience classes for behavior issues are helpful in correcting minor behavior problems and socialization but are limited in scope and effectiveness . In most cases classes are rather parochial. To be effective, you must be able to consume a greater quantity of information with greater nuance than can be delivered to you by an oral briefing. Which is all a class really is.

Classes and strict schedules or board and train are severely outdated, stressful and bad detrimental to your relationship with your dog when you are not prepared 1st. Not to mention inconvenient. You should train and prepare your dog in a stress free, distraction free environment and teach your puppy some basic commands before taking your puppy to a class. I will help you with this.

Puppies and adult dogs do better with ONE trainer...YOU!  This is a scientific fact.
 8 weeks to 12 months is the most important time in a puppies life. Be prepared from the start!

Getting your puppy off to a good start can shape his whole life so you don't want to let him learn or practice unwanted behaviors in the first place. It's more stressful to correct these problems than it is to prevent them in the first place. Don't let your puppy learn things that will make you mad. If you do, it's not his fault.

I use the latest cutting edge instructional DVD's and streaming services for you to learn more complicated training techniques. They are meant to be studied!  They are proprietary and produced by professionals for professionals. I want you to be a professional too! You won't find them in pet stores or on Amazon. They are produced and narrated by the most highly respected dog trainers in the world that you've probably never heard of unless you have been involved in competition dog sports.

Streaming service is available for all study material!!  Many are free! A good foundation will prepare you and your puppy for more advanced training if you have further ambitions for your dog or for yourself as a dog trainer. All online instruction is through the largest most authoritative dog training website in the world. I don't make a dime off them.

 TIME IS OF THE  ESSENCE when raising a new puppy. You may contact me anytime during this period to clarify any topics you may be unsure of. Your advantage is that you can study/view them on your own schedule from wherever you are. These materials are yours to keep and review as often as you may need them. I will help you set up your account and arrange streaming video instruction.'s easier when you start learning how to raise your puppy before you bring it home. It's all down hill when you know what you're doing and I will always be available to coach you for the life of your dog. 

A Word about BEHAVIOR MODIFICATION...To modify your dogs behavior will require that you modify your behavior toward your dog.


Dog Aggression, Fear Aggression, Leash Reactivity, Dominant dogs, Pack Structure and Management are typical issues I work with almost daily. You have a lot to learn if you want to keep a dog that is a potential liability. Learning good Management and Pack Structure is imperative in this process and for all dogs.

Again, this instruction is adjusted to you dogs particular needs.
Some dogs grow up in your home to have these problems but many I see are rescues. These are dogs that are seemingly fine at home but have meltdowns on the street over other dogs or strange people aka leash reactivity.          

I specialize in getting rescues dogs acclimated to your home. Many of these dogs can be a challenge. They usually require a decompression period and need your leadership and understanding. Your dog may love you but he must respect you as well. This doesn't happen overnight. You can't afford to be too permissive with a new rescue dog. Remember...not only are you building a relationship, you are rehabilitating the dog as well. They don't teach that in classes or board and train situations. It's imperative that you can do both simultaneously. You can't change your rescue dogs personality anymore than you can change your own personality but you can teach him new behaviors and make him calmer by relieving anxiety and stress. These dogs need rules to feel safe.  I will teach you to manage behavior issues and rehabilitate your dog.

 I'm always flexible and will always try to schedule at your convenience.

 DOMINANT AND AGGRESSIVE DOGS:  These are dogs that are threatening you the owner. Growling, showing teeth and biting.  I have extensive experience with these dogs 

Thankfully, truly dangerous 'dominant' dogs are rare these days but there are a lot of fearful dogs that display their fear as aggression. Most Kansas City dog trainers don't know the difference or how to deal with dominant dogs or aggression issues at all.
You will frequently hear the term Alpha thrown about.
Alpha rolls can be the most dangerous thing you can do to a dominant dog. Don't ever attempt it on a dog with aggression issues.

A few words about rescue organizations. Many of the dogs I see coming from well known rescue organizations have severe fear aggression toward people and or dog aggression issues. Be sure you have a return contract in case these behaviors are not apparent at the time of placing in your home so you can return the dog if necessary. No one wants to give up on these animals but they are too dangerous to be in a family with children.

Many behavior issues will not become apparent until a rescue has been in a new home for several weeks. This is called Decompression. All rescue dogs go through a decompression period when they arrive in a new home. Some take longer than others. Be prepared to take however long it requires to rehab your dog. You may have to alter your lifestyle to compensate for these issues depending on severity.

I am available days, evenings and weekends. Your consultation/evaluation and instruction will be in your home and will take about 2 hours. Best of all, the weather doesn't matter. If you need further hands on instruction, I will return at your convenience.

When you have scheduled your appointment I will send you an email with links to some short articles and videos to prepare for our appointment with information that I want my clients to learn before hand. This information will update you and give you insight into my methods and philosophy. If my services do not seem to be a good fit for you this is the time to cancel your appointment.

 I do not offer refunds.

My initial instruction by email is an important part of the process and takes less than 2 hours to complete and is required prior to your appointment. When you have studied this up to date information you will have more basic dog Management and Pack Structure knowledge than 99% of pet dog trainers. There is a lot of bad information out there.

I take this process very seriously and it is important that you have perused the study material if required so you will understand what I am teaching you. I would rather you call me, cancel and re-schedule than arrive to find you have not had time to learn the study material. This is why I usually book at least 3 days out to give you time to get through it.

It is very important that everyone concerned are all on the same page. When I see you we will review this information. At this time I will address all your concerns. At your consultation I will evaluate your dog and your training needs in order to design a custom protocol for you to follow.

I adhere to a strict, no compromise, 'working dog philosophy' as I have always had working/herding breeds with 'hard', spirited personalities.

Most of the dogs I see these days have much softer personalities that do not require such strict methods but if you stick with good pack structure and management with your puppy the resulting adult dog will be a joy.

Pet dogs do not require such a strict philosophy but you have to start with a common sense approach and scale it for the individual dogs personality and or problems.

A word about ecollars...Personally, I feel e collars are unnecessary when working with pet dogs. Improper use can backfire making aggression issues much worse and/or ruining your relationship altogether. If you want to use them I'll line you up with an online course to learn how.

Every situation requires a thorough evaluation. I've been doing evaluations for over 40 years now. The consultation and instruction is a 2 hour evaluation in the clients home where I can ask questions, observe the dynamics of the relationships and recommend protocols to solve the problems you have whether it's puppy training or rescue rehabilitation.

I charge a flat rate of $200.00.

During my consultation I will customize a protocol for the individual needs of the client and dog.
This process doesn't happen over night. Remember, dogs learn through repetition. You can program your dog but it's going to take time and dedication on your part.

Building your relationship is important too. You must be fair! I know your dog loves you but he/she must also respect you as well
My one time fee is paid at the end of our appointment and includes *unlimited coaching and for the life of your dog* so I can assure your success.

IMPORTANT!! Not all dogs are alike and some require more effort to help than others.
Essentially, I will be available for coaching or consultations for the *LIFE OF YOUR DOG* AT  *NO EXTRA CHARGE*. AND NO UP SALES!

If you ever have a problem with your dog, I want you to call me any time, 24/7, so I can help.

Crate training is a must for any dog. I recommend PetMate brand. I prefer an enclosed plastic crate as opposed to wire. Dogs don't feel safe in wire crates. If you don't have a well made crate I can send you a link that will save you a lot of money compared to paying retail. If you already have a wire crate it can be covered to gain the same effect as an enclosed crate. For convenience you may need more than one crate in your home.

I do not train your dog for you but I will demonstrate what you need to do and I will always be available to coach you through the process. If you have a problem day or night , I am only a call or text away.

YOU live with your dog and training your dog is a DAILY responsibility. Especially with puppies. No one can do it for you. When you are my client I am always available for coaching, support and encouragement.

You can see from reading my reviews that you are paying for my knowledge, wisdom, experience and integrity and that you can depend on and TRUST me to follow through with every promise I make.

It's up to you to follow through with what you learn. PLEASE BE SELF MOTIVATED AND COACH-ABLE!
 My instruction is a bargain compared to the other trainers you may find.

I was educated and trained as an instructor. You are the trainer/handler. I am your coach.

So, if you're ready to join the INDUCEMENT REVOLUTION and learn a Modern View of Corrections, call me! 913-490-8512

**IMPORTANT**... Please read.  I offer no written contracts or guarantees for the simple fact that I cannot guarantee you will learn the assigned material or follow through with what you learn. I can't force anyone to learn or follow through. All I can do is teach and remind you to be PATIENT and practice what you learn.

Don't be too permissive with your dog by giving him privileges he hasn't earned and don't let him know you are mad at him either.
Do not yell at your puppy or dog. Don't break your dogs heart by yelling at him. This is supposed to be fun :).

DOG TRAINING is a process. You can't hurry the process or you will make matters worse. I always follow up and follow through until you stop calling me back or returning emails or texts. I will assume you will let me know if you have a problem. I'll be here! You must be self motivated and coach-able!!

I wouldn't have nearly 200 verified 5 star reviews online or be in business if my instruction wasn't extremely effective!!
Follow my protocols and you will be successful!

Be sure to check out my VERIFIED 5 STAR REVIEWS here on my website or at Google or Thumbtack. If you look hard enough you might even find a 1 star review...Ha! I get trolled occasionally. Reading a few will help you make your hiring decision.

I have been awarded TOP PRO status on THUMBTACK since 2011. 

Please give me a call if you have any questions. 913-490-8512

Don't forget to visit my Facebook page at, I strive to bring you the most relevant and new health information available for your dog.
Thank you for your consideration.

Earl Newland  The Original Kansas City dog Whisperer