Hello, my name is Earl Newland.  

Thank you for taking a few minutes to visit my website. I grew up and went to school in Shawnee Kansas. After a stint in the United States Navy I came back to Johnson county in 1977 and after selling cars for awhile, I found myself with a wolfdog that I had no idea how to handle or train and that is where my dog training odyssey began.
After enrolling in a Kansas state certified K9 Instructors school operated by Mr. Frank M. Catania, a former United States Army K9 Instructor during Viet Nam, my career in the dog training business began.
I am not just a dog trainer. I was educated as a K-9 Instructor, teacher and coach. I have  been working with the dog owners and many breeds of dogs of the Kansas city area over 40 years.

When Cesar began his show 'The Dog Whisperer', my friends and clients began calling me the Kansas city dog whisperer so I eventually accepted the moniker and that's what I go by now. A lot has changed in the dog training industry over the last 40 years since I first went to dog trainers school. I have always striven to keep up with the latest developments in dog training.

Welcome to the future of dog training! The future is MARKER TRAINING. If you're not familiar with marker training you absolutely must learn it to succeed and have a great relationship with your dog.
MARKER TRAINING is the foundation for all modern dog training. It is integral to clear communication between you and your dog. It is essential to helping your dog learn what he needs to know.

My typical 2 hour behavior consultation and evaluation is two hundred dollars. I take as long as necessary but usually under 2hours. Most temperaments and personalities are apparent to me within minutes but I have to ask a lot of questions and observe your dynamics to understand what is happening with your dog or puppy.

I teach my clients how to properly raise and train a puppy.
I teach my clients how to rehabilitate rescue dogs.
I teach my clients how to correct/control behavior problems including different types of aggression.
I teach YOU to be the trainer & leader.
 My goal is to give you a new and modern outlook on raising and training your dog so that you never have to hire a dog trainer again. 21st century Dog Training is about having the right information to
Do It Yourself! 

As my tag line states, I SOLVE DOG PROBLEMS!