My Resume’

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40+ years professional experience teaching in the Kansas City area.
I provide private instruction on site and in the client’s home.
I teach Markers, Inducement, Engagement, Imprinting (puppy training), Management and Pack Structure for puppies and adults.
I also coach my clients in obedience, managing aggressive behavior and other dog problems as well as  K-9 personal protection and K-9 business security.
I have direct experience training for K-9 security companies during the same period of time.
President of American Tundra Shepherd Society
Board of Directors and Judge, United States American Wolfdog Association
Founding Member, American Ring Federation (ARF)
Founding Member, American Rottweiler Verien (ARV)

Canine Instructor’s School
Midwest Security K-9 Corps, Edwardsville, Kansas
Attended a 16-week course at a Kansas state Certified Instructors School using my GI benefits, owned and operated by Mr. Frank M. Catania, former Chief K-9 Instructor for United States Army, and professional courtroom witness. Founder of the now extinct American Tundra Shepherd Dog breed.

Vom Kaiserhofe’s Training Center
Newton, Kansas
Attended a 1-week K-9 seminar conducted by owner Tom Brenneman, Harvey County Deputy Sheriff, Newton, Kansas; Ed Frawley, K-9 Officer and Deputy Sheriff of Menomonie, Wisconsin, and owner of Leerburg Kennel and training videos.
Attended a 1-week French Ring Sport conducted by Daniel Gruter, renowned French Ring Sport Decoy of France, the above-mentioned persons, and many police and civilian trainers and handlers from the USA, France and Germany.

North American Search Dog Network (NASDN)/FBI K-9 Training Seminar
Big Ridge State Park, Tennessee
Attended a 1-week multi-purpose K-9 handler theory and techniques course. Subjects covered include mantrailing; narcotics detection; building search; K-9 protection; helper work; cadaver recovery on land and water; and puppy training.

Various Schutzhund Seminars Instructed by the following:
Bernhard Mannell – over 60 years of training experience in Germany, Father of the Prey Method of Protection Training in Germany.

Gottfried Dildei – international Schutzhund instructor and competitor, Father of the Dildei system of inducement

Gary Hanrahan – top rated international Schutzhund competitor

Ekhart Salquist – top rated international Schutzhund competitor and breeder of German Pedigreed rottweilers

Gene England – top rated international Schutzhund competitor

Mark Przybylski – national Schutzhund Judge and competitor

Dr. Stewart Hilliard – international French Ring Sport competitor. Chief of military working dog course at Lackland AF base, Tx.

Elite K-9 Training (renamed-Earls K9 Services in 2012)Owner/Consultant/Instructor/Trainer
• Assess canine behavior problems and liability
• Provide instruction to canine owners utilizing the most current and humane systems of inducement
• Perform canine training specializing in imprinting (puppy training); obedience; correcting aggressive behavior; K-9 personal protection; K-9 business security; locator-broker; handler.

Midwest Security K-9 Corps
Office Manager/Obedience Instructor
• Assisted with the design and development of intellectual property
• Administered healthcare, assisted in disease diagnosis, and provided grooming for all breeds
• Performed kennel building and maintenance

Dragnet Security and Investigations
Locator and Trainer/Liability Consultant
• Performed liability assessments and consultations
• Located and trained K-9’s for personal protection, guard dog sales, and leasing

Inland K-9 Security
K-9 Trainer and Handler
• Trained K-9’s for street deployment
Earl Newland  The Kansas City Dog Whisperer 913-490-8512 or earl [at] kansascitydogwhisperer [dot] com