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Celeste W.
I contacted Earl because I have an 80 pound pit bull. I had been told she was dog aggressive. I had also been having enourmous problems walking her on the leash. It seemed she was destined to either have to live out her life with no walks, be adopted by someone, or be put to sleep.
Our first meeting with Earl was at his home. Dora, my dog, immediately took to Earl. He just has a way with dogs. I found out she is not dog aggressive at all. We spent the afternoon with Earl and then returned to my community. Because my neighborhood has a lot of distractions, Earl graciously came to mine and Dora’s world. He spent the evening with us and helped me understand how to deal with the barriers or challenges Dora encounteres.
I no longer think I have to get rid of my dog or put her to sleep. Earl has been extremely helpful and I strongly advise anyone who has a dog with issues to contact Earl. I cannot say in words how much I appreciate the work he has done with me and Dora.
Celeste Wempe
Emporia, KS

Janet G.
Earl has advised me about training methods and DVDs that would be helpful for training our Jack Russell Terrier here on our small farm. He immediately understood what we were experiencing and explained what we needed to do and why it would be helpful. I am so very grateful for Earl’s expert and caring advice, which was right on target for our situation and for the needs of our dog. I’m confident that now I can train our JRT to become the excellent farm dog that I know she can be.

Carolyn R.
Earl was great to work with. He is extremely knowledgeable when it comes to the care and behavior of dogs. We worked on introducing dogs to each other. Earl worked with us for approximately 1 hr. I would recomment him to anyone who needs assistance with their dogs.

Nancy N.
I met Mr. Newland online, and contacted him about a phone consultation, as I live in Michigan. He promptly arranged a call, and listened carefully to my problem. (I have three large dogs, and after four years of them being together I’m having some pack dominance issues.)
Mr. Newland clearly and concisely laid out a solution, and also gave me several webb references to check out for additional information. I immediately began implementing the plan that he gave me, and noticed almost instant positive results. After my initial consultation Mr. Newland contacted me several times to follow up and to offer new suggestions and resources.
I would recommend Mr. Newland’s services to anyone who is having issues with their dog(s). He tells it straight and clear. His demeanor is friendly, concise, and easy to understand. And he knows his stuff!

Mishawn W.
In a very controversial situation between our two dogs, Earl came to our home and quickly assessed the issue at hand with thorough questions and an observation of what we needed for a successful management system of our dogs. He was genuine and caring.
When we introduced our dogs to him briefly, he seemed confident in working with them and was friendly toward them. What I also liked about Earl was his willingness to ask our thoughts about how we felt and valued our input. I would recommend him to everyone I know and will continue to seek advice from him regarding my dogs.

Brad D. T.
We rescued our dog, Maria, about 1.5 years ago. She had been on her own for about 2 years so she has always been overprotective and shown fear aggression towards strangers. Although she made progress initially, the improvement plateaued and we called Earl because we had exhausted every DIY option.
Earl was prompt, professional and polite; very easy to work with. He was patient with Maria and when she warmed up to him he saw the sweet dog we know her to be. Over the course of his 2hr visit we worked her up to walking past groups of strangers, loud noises and even riding in the elevator with another dog and person. Maria is already a more calm and submissive dog, and we are grateful for Earl and his patient approach.

Gina W.
I was devastated when my rescue German Shepherd turned out to be an avid chaser of cats. I didn’t want to put my cat in danger, but I didn’t want to give up on my new dog. In a panic, I contacted Earl. He immediately provided me with information on how to begin resolving the situation, and he continued to provide guidance and encouragement whenever I needed it. In addition to helping me teach my dog not to eat my cat, Earl also provided instruction on safe games and chew toys, leash walking, and other training techniques.

I’m thrilled to say my dog and cat are now buddies. I still marvel at the change, especially when I see them snuggling together. I absolutely would recommend Earl to anyone who is having difficulty with their dog or to anyone who just wants to have a better relationship with their beloved furry friend.
Truly cared about helping us with our puppy

I contacted Earl after we brought home a 9 week old Beagle puppy. We felt overwhelmed and didn’t know how to deal with the “puppy stage” of having a dog. Earl was quick to respond to my messages and we were able to meet with him the same week. Before we even met him in person, he emailed us videos and articles about training that were incredibly helpful.

He was so good with our puppy in person. He was a great listener and really worked hard to address every single issue and concern we had. He even worked with my two young daughters to help them interact with the puppy. He didn’t just recite a bunch of dog training information. He listened and addressed our needs for our particular situation.

Less than a week after he came, I emailed him with more puppy concerns. Instead of emailing me ideas or suggestions, he actually came back again for a follow up visit to help us work with the puppy. Yes… he really came over a second time in one week. (No charge).
You can tell that it’s more than just a job for him. He is incredible with our puppy… and truly cares about helping our family. I am so glad to have met him and to have him as a resource any time I need doggie advice or help.
I highly recommend him to anyone and everyone needing any kind of training help with their dog or puppy. I’d give more than 5 stars if I could.
Mikki C. on January 11, 2017

You replied to this review on January 12, 2017

Hi Mikki
Thank you for your wonderful review. It’s always important to me to make sure puppies get of to a great start in life at a young age and that the process is as stress free as possible for everyone. I look forward to monitoring your progress with Mia.

Dog Training Verified Review
Earl was very helpful and provided us with demonstrations of strategies for teaching our dog to obey commands.
It would be a different world if all dog owners were required to have this training.
Ryan H. on July 10, 2016

Dog Training Verified Review
Earl was very professional and knowledgeable. He evaluated my puppy and I to see which methods of training would be most beneficial for us. He provided excellent training resources to use and follow as my dog grows and he has made it very clear that he is always available for advice as any new issues arise. Thanks Earl!
Lauren R. on May 23, 2016

You replied to this review on May 23, 2016

Hi Lauren. Thanks for your great review. I think Clark is quite a guy and will be a wonderful companion. I’ll be here if you need me.